"Doing Nothing" Days


After the hustle and bustle of vacations, birthday parties and visiting friends, our creative team decided we needed a vacation from our vacations. Our first stop had to be Northern Waters Smokehaus to pick up their Salami Basket. The perfect cabin snacking spread, including their in house dry-cured salami with olives, local cheese, and crusty bread (okay, okay we may have gotten some cream cheese too.) And then off to the cabin we went!


Our team is lucky enough to have a member (oh hey Anna H.) with the most beautiful, quaint, little cabin in the middle of the woods that we got to spend the day at. We used our Handy Board and Spreader Combo to set up a little charcuterie board perfect for all day grazing. And then we got busy doing nothing. Whether it be playing cards on the porch, reading a good book, or snacking on our favorite treats we love a good “doing nothing” day.


Now we can’t lie, most of our cabins and houses are already heavily outfitted with Epicurean products, (I mean we do work here after all…) but our Handy Board and Spreader Combo is by far our favorite. It’s perfect for so many things. Making a sandwich; made for it. Charcuterie; it’s got you. Serving anything; it’ll get the job done. Needless to say, our Handy Board and Spreader Combo is a cabin must have. Their high durability and functionality earn them a top spot in our cabins (and houses). Trust us, you need this combo.

After spending a day relaxing, soaking up the sunshine, eating all our favorites from Northern Waters Smokehaus, and just slowing down a bit we realized everyone needs a cabin, and every cabin is different. Your “cabin” might be a campsite, it might be a beach, it might even be just a rock on the lakeshore. Whatever your “cabin” is there really is nothing better (at least to us) than just getting away from everything, heading outdoors and enjoying the day.

Here’s to the “doing nothing” days!

Anna Wolf