Grandma's Marathon: Check!


Almost a month has passed since my first half marathon. To say it was a great experience would even be an understatement. I loved it.

The weather on race day - for me - was perfect. High 50s and sunny with a light tailwind? Couldn't have been better. The course itself stands out as well. Even though I've lived in Duluth for years now, running along Lake Superior is an experience I don't tire of.


I've never participated in a race the size of the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. I was a bit startled there were actually times of relative quiet where only the unobtrusive sound of thousands of footsteps joined the swell of the soft waves along the shore. But, there were timely moments of energy and music at each Aid/Water Station and - even better - the infectious cheering of the race supporters once I reached Duluth city limits was just what I needed...albeit a bit awe-striking. Strangers were genuinely rooting strangers on and it was awesome.

I miss training. (Yes...I do.) I'm a motivated runner already but the goal of performing at an actual race is really a great way to segment the energy into a tangible objective. Healthy work/life balance is a culturally embraced - and encouraged - initiative here at Epicurean and I count myself fortunate that I was able to get 1-2 speed training workouts during work days. Even though this race is over, I'll be keeping my lunchtime jogs here at our headquarters on the Duluth-Superior harbor going. Post-workout fuel - carrots and hummus with a handful of pistachios - is of course served on my engraved Handy Board. Grab yours while you still can!

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Grandma's Marathon Handy Board
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Only 337 more days until the next Grandma's Marathon Weekend on June 20, 2020!

Anna Wolf