Grandma's Marathon: Global Running Day

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It’s Global Running Day!
Two words come to mind: inspiration and determination.

We all have our own collection of stories of why we run – of what inspires us, what drives us. Because of our health and our well being. Because we always have or because we never have. Because it’s fun or because it’s a challenge. Because we want to honor someone or some cause. Because it’s our social outlet, a pet needs exercise or we seek time alone. The list goes on and on; our reasons change and evolve– short term and long term.

I’ll be honest: my big picture driving force is that I run for me. The subset of ever-evolving reasons? To get outside in the sunshine or determinedly face the rain and wind. To get that workout in. To work to stay healthy as I age by just. keep. moving. To appreciate the time alone and to think through the day…though sometimes after a mile I’ll find I wasn’t actually thinking of anything in particular. Often, my focus lands squarely on my pace, fueled by the resounding words of my 8th grade track coach: “Knees up Larson!”

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Grandma’s Marathon is quickly approaching and the training days are numbered. Today’s determination is that yesterday was a rest day so it’s time to get back out. As I run I’ll also be thinking about the millions of people – and their collection of why’s – who are also running today, which is plenty of inspiration itself.

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Anna Wolf