Mothers Day Palomarita

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Signature Combo Set
Only $24.99

8” x 6” Kitchen Series Bar Board in Slate
Four Piece Coaster Set in Natural
Victorinox Paring Knife & Peeler set
Signature Palomarita Recipe!

Available while supplies last, at the Epicurean Outlet!

We believe in making things easy, a laid back lifestyle sort-of-speak. We believe in creating experiences, celebrating life, and all things that give us life. This Mother’s Day we are celebrating all things Mom. 

In the spirit of a laid back lifestyle, we have partnered with locally owned and operated, Snooty Fox Tea Shop in Duluth, Minnesota to offer specialty tea to all our Factory Outlet shoppers. Snooty Fox Tea will be available to shoppers as they sip and shop our latest discounted inventory.

What is often considered a basic requirement for a laidback lifestyle? Signature adult (or non-adult) beverages of course! Meet the Palomarita, our signature cocktail, a mix between a Paloma and a Margarita- a refreshing, sweet citrus, simple-to-serve cocktail. The perfect pairing to our Signature Cocktail Set- a four piece set, including our 8” x 6” Kitchen Series Bar Board in slate, our four piece coaster set in natural, a Victorinox Paring Knife & Peeler set, and our Signature Palomarita recipe! Our Signature Cocktail Set makes creating your favorite drinks quick and easy for a relaxing Mother’s Day brunch at home.

However and whoever you celebrate with I’m sure there’s a signature drink at your table. Let our Signature Cocktail Set make making that drink as easy as drinking it is! So stop in, relax, have a cup of tea and browse our latest outlet selections as you dream up what you’ll be making this Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother’s Day!