Summer Kick Off

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The beginning of summer can sometimes be such a transition- sunny and 75 one day, 45 and raining the next. Is it summer, is it spring, is it still winter?! Every day is a guessing game. But once the clouds start to break up and after a couple of weeks or so of sun, I’m convinced it’s summer. (Yeah yeah, I know summer doesn’t “technically” start until June 20. I don’t care!)

To me the start of summer means the start of camping season. The start of lake days. The start of beach picnics. It means long weekends celebrating with family and friends. Growing up, summer was better known as camping season in my family. Some years it was still pretty chilly on those first couple trips so Mom always made sure to bundle us up. We’d pack up the old pop-up camper and head out of town as soon as dad got home from work. After three hours, a couple of stops, and a lot of “are we there yet?!” we’d finally pull into our perfect campsite.

I have many great memories of our little campground, but my favorite, was a beach picnic! When we were lucky, and the weather was just right, we got to have one. We’d each get to pick out what kind of sandwich we wanted and make and them made them for ourselves. Then we’d pack everything up and head to the beach for our cherished picnic by the lake!

Nowadays, summer looks a little bit different. Sand volleyball every other night, brats on the grill, bean-bags (what’s cornhole?) in the backyard, and a deck full of friends is more or less the usual scene. But every chance I get, I still sneak off for a good old fashioned picnic on the beach.

Here’s to longer days and longer nights, to making memories, to picnics, to celebrating - here’s to summer!

What are your summer traditions?

Food provided by our friends at Northern Waters Smokehaus
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Anna Wolf